Our Lawn


The sporting culture of hockey has its’ fair share of superstitions, and one that is evident today would the “playoff beard” through which fans take up the hockey player’s tradition of not shaving throughout the playoffs.  Well, during the Chicago Blackhawks 2013 playoffs, one resident of the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge took the superstition to a whole new level by embracing what he called the “playoff lawn”.  Although claiming this to be a shear happen-stance moment, the homeowner seemed at peace with the notion that their lawn would continue to become “unruly” in sacrifice for their team performing well in the playoffs.  As to be expected, the city of Park Ridge felt differently in the matter.  After sending notice that the lawn needed to be maintained, and still receiving no compliance by the resident, the city then sent someone to mow the lawn for the homeowner. 

If we treat the lawn as nature, then to say this “playoff lawn” needs to be one certain way over the other is to stake claim to only one suitable form of nature.  However, what I find compelling about this sequence of events is the apparent dichotomy of the lawn’s public and private ownership.


Article: http://www.cbssports.com/nhl/eye-on-hockey/22385643/blackhawks-fans-playoff-l

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