Sidewalk Swarm

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 Why is the human species incapable of swarming?  In recollection of my own various sidewalk experiences, there are countless times I can recall walking on the sidewalk and the people walking towards me have intentionally not made room for me to pass, even after making direct eye contact.  This clear disregard of another person to be mindful of the other’s intentions seems severely disappointing. Unfortunately, of the various types of swarming found in nature, such as decision-making, following a neighbor, or selfishly swarming, this type of behavior would have to occupy the last.  As a whole, the fact that we selfishly swarm may not be too surprising given the diverse individuality found in our species, but it is surprising in terms of our notion of having supreme intelligence.

In terms of communication, our development as a species has hinged on our use of language.  Interestingly however, this tends to be a crutch because if we had not developed language as our main form of communication, we might have learned to swarm in a more intelligent decision-making or follow-the-leader capacity.

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