The Jellyfish Shredders

According to Hyun Myung, director of the Urban Robotics Lab at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, jellyfish were the source of an estimated $300 million in economic loss to marine-related industries in South Korea, 2009. Therefore, this Lab’s solution is a robot that can both search and destroy the dangerous invader. However, the interesting dynamic here is the war waged on a species whose potential population increase could be linked to a changing environment. An environment that we have most clearly had an apparent impact on through our various innovations and moves towards progress. Even with the jellyfish population considered to be on the rise due to warmer waters, the fact remains that this killer robot is now a reality. So, of course with any new technology the question will soon become a matter of when is enough, enough. Is the ultimate goal a controlled situation or the beginning of just another extinction?

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