Vacations in Nature


Recent trends have seen people begin to vacation near and among the world’s natural wonders. While this can be good in many ways, drawing positive attention and the associated money to ecological areas of importance the reality of these vacations is far from good.

Years ago, the “thing to do” was take a vacation in the tropical rainforest, be it Central America or Southeast Asia. However, what really happened was thousands of westerners flocking to remote locations, burning fossil fuels all the way, to then stay in a 5 star resort in the middle of the jungle. Doing these neither does justice to the nature of the places, as spectacular as they are, nor do these vacations even deserve to be called “within nature”.

After reading an article about the possibility of underwater hotels, I can only think of the true way to experience these places. Get cold, get wet and maybe even bitten by a snake. That is a vacation in nature.

Photo: Viceroy Bali Hotel, Bali, Indonesia


About claytonrichenberg

I am a 3rd year architecture student at Illinois Institute of Technology
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